This plugin allows you to use "Off-the-Record Messaging (OTR)" over Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Supported clients are currently irssi and xchat (the weechat port is currently outdated).

You can use it to seamlessly and painlessly have encrypted conversations with your buddies and also to make sure that you are actually talking to your buddy and not an impostor. By way of an IRC-to-IM gateway like bitlbee you can also talk to people on instant messaging networks like Google Talk/ICQ/Skype/et cetera, which is where OTR is mainly used. Many clients like Kopete/Pidgin/… support OTR. For more information on OTR check out the webpage.


Works quite well.

HEAD now contains libotr4 and /me support(Sept 2012). Hoping to make it a release soon.

Latest release

0.3 released on 2009-02-11. Yeah I know it’s old, working on it.


  • git clone git://

  • Download latest git snapshot here.

  • Gitweb is here.

  • Distro-compatible tarballs can be found here.

  • Available in (at least) the following distributions (sometimes as irssi-plugin-otr):

    • debian

    • ubuntu

    • openSUSE

    • frugalware

    • FreeBSD

    • Arch Linux

    • gentoo



If you wanna know about bugs or report one please check out or bugzilla.


You can use the comments below, write an email to irssiotr at tuxfamily or you might have some luck in #cryptodotis on And for anything bug-related there is of course the bugzilla waiting for your input.

  • BitlBee. The IM-to-IRC gateway which makes irssi-otr useful. There’s also an OTR plugin for bitlbee that you can use instead of irssi-otr.


2013-07-03 17:07myblackboxYes, more or hexchat support uunder windows is needed... Sidenote: almost every comment is spam in here :/
2013-05-01 16:28JKI'm interested if xchat could be ported to hexchat. I know it's usually just "copy it there" but I don't have skills to compile and such. Especially if I'm using windows version.

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